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FILL is the first reFILL/zero waste store in the Tri Cities, specifically Midland Michigan. We offer bulk household and beauty products to customers using a closed loop with our vendors to reduce the one and done plastics.

A reFILLery is a magical place where you can bring your existing containers from home or purchase containers that we supply to refill household and beauty products. The concept is to reduce the number of one and done plastics  that we as consumers purchase.  We use a closed loop system at FILL which means that the containers we receive from our suppliers full of product gets sent back to those suppliers to reuse. The products you can expect to find in a reFILLery include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, dish soap, laundry soap/powder, household cleaners, deodorant, face wash, scrubs and so on.  Zero waste or low waste products are items you can use to replace those plastic, no bueno for the environment items. For example, dryer balls are a fantastic alternative to dryer sheets. They last longer, make your clothes dry quicker and still fight the lint and pet hair. The products we carry at FILL are not harmful to you, animals our environment and waterways.  We look to carry the most natural products we can find from companies that are like minded.

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