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Welcome to FILL!

FILL is the first low-waste refillery in the Tri-Cities, located in downtown Midland, Michigan. 

We first opened in 2021 and moved to our current location in the summer of 2023. 


FILL started as a way to offer a fun and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic-packaged personal care and household products, but has turned into so much more. Our store has become a space for members of the community to learn and grow on their own low-waste journeys, through educational opportunities and products they know they can trust to have high-quality, natural ingredients that really work!


What is a "Low-Waste Refillery?"

A refillery is a magical place where you can bring your existing containers from home or purchase containers that we supply to refill household and personal care products (check out the "How to Refill" page for a quick video of how it's done!).

This concept was developed to reduce the number of single-use plastics that we as consumers purchase and end up throwing away. 

  We use a closed-loop system at FILL


This means that the containers we receive from our suppliers full of products get sent back to those suppliers to wash, sanitize, and then reuse, keeping the packaging waste out of landfills.

We purchase products from suppliers.png

What kind of products will I see?

The products you can expect to see at our refillery include personal care products, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and lotion, as well as cleaning products such as hand soap, dish soap, multi-purpose cleaners, and laundry detergent - you can view a list of our current refill products on the “How to Refill” page, please note that our product offerings change due to availability and demand, so stop in to see what we have in store!

We carry low-waste products, which are alternatives that you can use to replace plastic products, such as reusable beeswax wraps, dryer balls, and silicone food storage bags. We are always bringing in new products, be sure to follow us on our social media pages to see what we bring in!

The products we carry at FILL are not harmful to you, animals, the waterways, or our environment!  We look to carry the most natural products we can find from like-minded companies, who share the same values we do.

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